About Trevor

Clients often say about Trevor that he adds value from the first encounter with his empathetic insight and wisdom gained from many years of working as a counsellor and group therapist with individuals, couples and families.  His manner is gentle and compassionate and he brings a wealth of personal and life experience to all professional interactions.

Trevor has considerable clinical skill gained having worked with St Vincent de Paul, Relationships Australia, and in his private practice. He has worked with people struggling with relationships and social isolation, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorders, and addictions.

Trevor has also been teaching student counsellors for over 5 years at The Jansen Newman Institute. He also teaches  at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and at the Australian College of Physical Education.

He is especially passionate about the power of group psychotherapy in bringing about rapid personal growth and deep healing. The group programs have supported many people on their respective journeys to functionality and wholeness. Since 2014 he has run interpersonal process groups for practitioners.

Recently Trevor has co-authored a book, Group Work in Australia. His chapter is a description of the specific Group Therapy services he offers. To purchase the book, click here.

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“I have known Trevor Armitage for a decade and in that time he has helped me tremendously. He has an authentic, humble and deeply respectful presence, one that leaves me feeling seen, heard and known. He is an incredibly insightful, wise and skilled therapist and I have had major growth and healing thanks to him. I would highly recommend Trevor to anyone that is looking to for significant personal development and growth.”
– Madeleine Browne

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