Invitation for Practitioners to join an INTERPERSONAL PROCESS group:
A place to create community, build connection, expand relational awareness and to self-nurture.

Groups currently running in St Leonards and Waverley are  open to a limited number of new members.

The groups run monthly, 6.30 to 8.30 pm, on either a Monday evening or Friday evening.

Practitioners attending these groups are Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Group Leaders and Social Workers.

Trevor’s vision as group facilitator:

  • To guide the group’s cohesion and trust such that members will come to develop co-ownership of the group.
  • To encourage exploration of interpersonal interactions within the group whilst simultaneously respecting that we bring our past with us into the present.
  • To create a ‘safe enough’ environment and healthy group norms.

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Share ideas and concerns
  • Participate in self-care and personal development
  • Work through interpersonal blocks (we all have them!)
  • Provide and receive support from like-minded peers
  • Develop and enhance interpersonal skills
  • Experientially learn ‘whole group’ process and dynamics.

Therapeutic approach

A Holistic framework is adopted, integrating the Yalom Interpersonal approach with the Intersubjective model of group psychotherapy.

Yalom’s constructs, the ‘group as a social microcosm’ and ‘working in the here-and-now’, are important anchors of Holistic Group Work. Working in the here-and-now directly focuses on interpersonal interactions occurring ‘in the moment’ between members.

A social microcosm occurs in a ‘safe enough’ group environment where free flowing interaction between members is encouraged. This fosters spontaneous interpersonal behaviour between members in ways that mirror how they relate to others in their lives.

From an intersubjective perspective all relationships occur in a co-created field in which each person brings their own valid subjective reality, generated through a myriad of life experiences and circumstances, past and present. This approach allows holding and acceptance of past trauma and or attachment stressors evoked by the group process.

Accordingly Holistic Group Work values here-and-now work balanced by sensitivity to clients’ past experiences

“Trevor deeply understands and puts into practice the theory of group therapy. He is a congruent and insightful facilitator and as such sets the stage for safe and meaningful participation of the group process which in turn allows for maximum personal and interpersonal understanding and growth. Trevor is able to hold even the most difficult emotional situations/interactions with kindness and integrity.”
– Miriam Holder, Educator, Psychotherapist & Group Leader

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