Group Therapy

A powerful setting where you can learn and enhance the way you relate to others.

Do you struggle with?

Dissatisfaction with relationships
Regrets and discontent
Stuck patterns
Low self-esteem

What makes life rich and meaningful is the quality of our relationships. The group therapy program is a powerful setting where clients can learn about and enhance the way they relate to others.

Although many people find groups challenging, being human means we are often in a group – family, friends, school and work, and, many people may not have been taught how to best honour their individuality whilst also feeling valued and belonging in groups.

Benefits of group therapy:

  • Practise communication skills
  • Experience non-judgmental support
  • Build personal resilience and self-acceptance
  • Practise effective ways of relating to others
  • Improve relationships with partners, friends, family and at work

A complimentary 30 minute telephone session is offered, to discuss your needs and answer your questions.